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Welcome to The Deepduzt Community! Deepduzt started out like this; I was tempted to start wearing shawls back then but I had no idea how to style them. The instant ones available in the market were too short for my liking (the coverage of a shawl is very important to me because I need to nurse my child and solat on-the-go. Back story: Before Deepduzt, I was a Maths tutor. My schedule was rather tight so I had to solat and go home to nurse my baby in between sessions).

So anyways, Mum and I decided to try making our own wide instant shawls for my personal use. Coming up with the perfect measurements took a whole lot of trials-and-errors and forget-it-this-isnt-going-to-work moments. Our brains were fried. But we managed to figure it out somehow and we loved the invention. I started wearing the shawls out everyday and I became a total convert. I stopped wearing my square Akel hijabs, haha. That was when my friends and extended family members started asking about the wide instant shawls I wore out. They highly encouraged me to start selling the shawls. I thought long and hard about selling the shawls because I was 0% interested in business (can't believe I've been doing it for almost 3 years now!). I somehow decided to just give it a try because after all, the shawls might benefit the ladies around me. 

I started with a post on my personal instagram page (named Deepduzt back then) and Radin (my dear friend) was my first customer. Within a few days, all 10 pieces were snapped up. I was amazed by the response. I seriously already planned to keep all 10 shawls to myself in case no one bought the shawls, Lol. I still did not delve too deep into the business until I went to Vietnam for a family holiday and accidentally found my supplier. We accidentally found the perfect fabric. Alhamdulillaah. Trust me, I reaallllyyyy did not plan to purchase any fabrics because I did not bring extra money. We bought fabrics with the extra $300 we brought and was flat broke on the last day of the trip. We barely had money to even eat a bowl of Pho. Lol. 

When we returned, I could not think of a name for my new hijab line. Hence, I used the name Deepduzt for my business and changed my personal IG's username to something else. Deepduzt after all represents my process of change. Without the leap of faith I had in 2011, Deepduzt probably wouldn't even exist. It has been 2 years+ since Deepduzt launched and maasyaaAllaah, I am grateful for all the friendships I have forged with many ladies from all walks of life. So many customers turned into my friends. We are like sisters now. Beyond all the selling and buying, we have formed a community of women who are together at heart in striving for the betterment of self.

If you are new here, I warmly welcome you to The Deepduzt Community. 

Lots of love,

Nurul Syafikah Zaini.

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