You are a strong and precious diamond.


I shared on my Instagram page some time back about the etymology of the word “Deepduzt” (I will share it here soon). The word “Deepduzt” truly encapsulates my life journey since I delved deeper into the religion 7 years ago. Why did I start wearing the hijab? It is a super long story that might require more than just 1 blogpost, haha.

I once thought that wearing the hijab was the end point of my spiritual journey. I contemplated for some time before putting it on full-time. Me and the hijab? We had our honeymoon period for the first few months. It all felt sweet and I was on a total iman high… and then the time came when it dawned upon me that omg the “Old Syaf” is stuck in this hijab-wearing body. I once had the misconception that I had to be perfect in order to continue wearing the hijab (there were times I actually removed my hijab for a while because I thought that I did not act in a way that was appropriate for the hijab) but now, I know that this spiritual journey is a constant process of growth.

Whether you are wearing the hijab or not, I want you to know that I understand your dilemmas and that you are worthy in the sight of Allaah. Keep growing into the precious and strong diamond that you are. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not worthy of Allaah’s mercy just because of their assumption that you are not trying.


Together, we are a community of strong and precious diamonds. <3

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Keep shining,

Nurul Syafikah Zaini.

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